• Bad Week for Vulnerable Road Users

    This week has seen a number of incidents involving some of the more vulnerable road users in the Alicante province, with a number of incidents, one of which proved fatal. An 80-year-old woman was hospitalised in a serious condition on Thursday after her cycle was in collision with a truck on the N-332 in Benidorm. […]

  • Suffering Noise from a Bar? Tell Them First

    If you feel you are suffering the nuisance of noise from a bar or club, your first instinct might be to call the police, but thanks to a court ruling you might be wasting everyone´s time if you haven´t raised the issue with the bar first. The case which has now been ruled on relates […]

  • On the Road this Summer

    The single aim of the DGT is to reduce the rate of mortality and injury of the roads of Spain, a task they aim to do through education, and enforcement. His summer, there will be an increase in both, as the need to reverse the growing trend in incident rates is becoming more apparent. During […]

  • The Sound of Silence

    From 1 July, all electric vehicles sold in the European Union must emit a noise when travelling at 20 kilometres per hour or less. The legislation aims at making it easier for other road users, such as pedestrians, to be aware of the presence of the vehicles which may otherwise approach in silence. Generally, the […]

  • N332 RoadWatch – Issue 18

    Welcome to the latest edition of the N332 RoadWatch eMagazine. You can read this publication FOR FREE at the end of the introduction. Alternatively, if you would like to download the PDF version to add to your collection and save on your computer, tablet, or phone, then click this button below. Buy Now It´s that […]

  • Two Hundred Thousand Tests – Three Thousands Fails

    In the most recent focus on alcohol and drug consumption before driving, over 200,000 drivers were subjected to a roadside test, with over 3,000 failing. In total, during the campaign that took place earlier this month, 200,306 tests were performed on drivers to ascertain if they had consumed alcohol or drugs. For those drivers subjected […]

  • Scooter Recall

    The electric scooter company Xiaomi, one of the most popular manufacturers of electric scooters purchased in Spain, has recalled one of its products due to safety concerns. According to the company, it is some of their model, “Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365”, of which some 500 units have been found to be defective. The fault […]

  • Ten Million Euro for Road Safety

    According to the official state bulletin from the Spanish government, the treasury has authorised the transfer of 10 million euro to the DGT to spend on road safety. The money is going to be invested in updating and replacing some dated elements of road safety, as well as financing more equipment to keep a check […]

  • Cycle Tour on Pre-Tour Tour

    Champion cyclists are working their way around the country at the moment, stopping off far and wide for photo calls, all as part of a promotional campaign to make sure everybody knows the importance of this year´s cycling tour of Spain, La Vuelta. This year, the race is even more important for the local area […]


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